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Request Staring Blind on WJRR 101.1FM's Native Noise!'
Studio News!

Staring Blind has recently wrapped up recording their next EP with Luke Beaulac over at Evermore Sound  Studios in Orlando. We're psyched about the tunes & truly feel these are our best yet so we can't wait to share them with all of you! The release details are still being worked but we'll be sharing those soon!

Staring Blind on CW18!

​On July 12th Staring Blind was featured on the premiere episode of "The Upbeat Dancer Show" on CW-18! The folks over at Dakota P. Productions in Orlando did a fantastic job so for those who couldn't catch it here's a short promo to give you a taste of what you missed.
In the Studio with RawTalkLive

​Staring Blind had the awesome opportunity to hang with Rob & the gang over at RawTalk Live!  Lot's of music & laughs so click below if you missed it or just want to hear it again! 
Vertigo Music Magazine

​Check out Vertigo Music Magazine Issue #6 for a behind the scenes Q&A with Staring Blind!